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CyttaCOMMS is a Business Division of
Cytta Corp. (OTCQB: CYCA)

The Essential Toolkit

for First Responders

  • See how CYTTACOMMS can help your team.
  • Schedule a live demo to learn more.
  • Collect, share, and collaborate in real time over video, audio, and chat.
  • CYTTACOMMS connects teams wherever they are – in the Ops Center or on the move.

A tool for every job

CYTTACOMMS brings together four core capabilities to enhance situational awareness and improve the operational efficiency of first responders.


Video calls as well as CYTTACOMMS streaming services for drones and surveillance.



Real time VOIP provides a fully secure alternative to busy/open radio networks.



Modern chat services with full end to end encryption - more secure.


Automatically track user locations anywhere on an interactive map.

CYTTACOMMS was built for teams who need collaboration


The CYTTACOMMS Broadcast feature is a unique video tool that allows a broadcaster to push video, screen shares and audio to their remote team mates or invited external users. Broadcast viewers can see and hear briefings, drone streams or instructions without the chaos of a large conference call with multiple speakers.

You can share your high definition drone feed over CYTTACOMMS streaming with less than 2 seconds of latency, push your video with the CYTTACOMMS Broadcast (one to many) video service, or simply jump on a CYTTACOMMS video call with your team for a collaborative session.

Create and manage multiple incidents or events with channels in CYTTACOMMS. Channels allow you to invite multiple users to collaborate, chat, share files and media, and interact directly over video and audio calls. CYTTACOMMS doesn’t limit or dictate how your team works.

Difficulties connecting your drone teams?

One of the core use cases for CYTTACOMMS is the quick and easy dissemination of information and video among remote users. This makes it the perfect tool for drone teams who need to share their video with ops centers and users in real time.

Broadcasting your feed

CYTTACOMMS Broadcast allows any user to stream a one-to-many video call to users without the distraction of a large conference call.

Sharing with external users

Share video calls or Broadcasts as easily as sharing a link. This allows CYTTACOMMS enabled organizations to quickly coordinater with outside organizations.

New drone streaming features

The CYTTACOMMS team has exciting news for First Responder drone teams – information on upcoming enhancements coming soon!

Precision Location

Our live beacon service provides highly accurate position tracking for mobile users.

Video Anywhere

Get video on the move, or share mobile video with CYTTACOMMS’s multiple video sharing tools.

Drones for Everyone

CYTTACOMMS mobile puts critical real time information from drones in the hands of your mobile users.

Remote Access

Allow your mobile users to have the same access to critical info that the ops center does.

Secure Chat

Avoid SMS and unsecure chat apps by leveraging CYTTCOMMS’s powerful chat and sharing capabilities.

Map your Ops

Mobile user locations make tracking operations back in the Ops Center easier.

Frequenty asked questions

Adding users is easy – just invite users to visit your home url and have them signup! Our signup process includes automated key creation and management, so users just need to create a username and password. CYTTACOMMS signup can also be whitelisted to your organization’s email domain – just ask if you need this feature.

Security is one of four drivers, as we understand the sensitive nature of law enforcement, patient data and emergency ops in general. Our decentralized communication services mean that even we can’t see your chats or file shares, and our end-to-end-encryption of chats and file sharing make it impossible to access even if we did. Even our video and audio services do not store any information, and anything stored by the CYTTACOMMS product is kept in the United States – not in other, less privacy-minded, countries.

Absolutely, CYTTACOMMS allows you to invite external users to Broadcasts, video or audio calls, as well as links to media. We’re always looking at expanding these capabilities as well and will be adding new sharing features in upcoming releases.

If CYTTACOMMS’s default streaming features don’t satisify your requirements for monthly streaming video (default is 50gb a month), we offer several streaming packages up to 1 terabyte a month. Contact us for additional pricing information.

We’re working on a new feature and app called CYTTACOMMS Uplink for DJI drones. More development and feature information will be posted soon but we’re excited about the future of drones in CYTTACOMMS!

Of course we can. The CYTTACOMMS team has a lot of drone and video experience, and we would be happy to help your organization development this amazing capability. Contact our sales team to discuss and let’s see how we can help.